About Us

It is a  school that translates textbooks into knowledge for their students.

An initiative of the SBT Educational & Social Welfare Trust - a board of great educationists and visionaries with a cumulative experience of 91 years in education - the Olive school has been set up to provide excellence in education to the 21st century students – children who have been scientifically proven to much smarter than us, who live in a world of technology and who need more than academic excellence to prepare them for the future.

It all started with the realization that the existing education system maybe limiting the curious and creative minds of our young children. The management took a progressive step by setting up the Olive kid – a play way and day care with a difference. A play way where each child's unique creativity is not curbed by temaplatized methods of teaching and knowledge sharing; and attention is paid to the needs of each child.

Having seen phenomenal results with this approach, the management decided to carry forward this ideology across the school span of students – and the Olive school was born.

The Olive school has 3 core pillars of foundation.

Lifelong learning – which means that students should enjoy learning so much in their formative years that learning becomes a lifelong habit.

Inclusive education: a teaching method where every child and his unique learning needs are addressed to help him develop a strong physical, mental and emotional personality

Appreciating uniqueness - each child is unique with special skills and interests and to bring those talents to the forefront special attention needs to paid.

Interestingly, the name Olive also has significance to the overall objective and belief of the management. The olive tree is cherished by many cultures as a sacred tree symbolizing wisdom, hope, harmony, prosperity and victory. The Olive school is an embodiment of all of these virtues.