At the Olive Education

The Olive education is a paradigm shift in the way education is imparted. It aims to go beyond academic excellence to build strong individuals who are ready to face the competitive world of tomorrow.

At Olive school, learning is at the centre of everything we do and it is not limited to classrooms. The school is established to provide students the best possible educational programs combining international methodologies with a blend of stimulating and culturally sound environment that prepares the children to take up qualitative education in the later years.

The olive education system is divided into four sections and each section had underlying principles which weave back to the foundation pillars of the Olive education system.

Olive Kid –Toddlers to Grade 2

Pre primary years are the formative years of formal education - a strong foundation built in these years reaps benefits throughout life. At Olive school, we not only understand the significance of this foundation but also realize that it cannot be drilled into kids. Olive school kids are nurtured to have a natural desire to learn and discover.

Olive Junior – Grades 3-6

These years are generally the seminal years of a child’s personality and at the Olive school special attention is paid to inculcate the values and ethos which will help these children become confident, self empowered individuals in the future. The child teacher ratio is kept optimum so that each child gets special attention. The right balance of studies and extracurricular activities, practical approach to teaching and making education fun are at the helm of teaching-learning process to these grades. 

Olive High –Grades 7-10

What sets the Olive education system apart is this strong belief that children if allowed to explore their strengths in a guided approach can discover and maximize their potential. As students start moving towards understanding the need for a career, they are motivated to explore their strengths. Children are exposed to the many arenas of professional life and are set free to determine their interests and innate talent.

Olive Senior – Grades 11 -12

As the young students gear to enter the real world, they are motivated to adopt a dynamic, proactive approach to every challenge. Brainstorming sessions, case studies, discussions are all of a part of imparting education to students at this level.

With a focus on learning, appreciating the natural talents and nurturing those talents of each student and inculcating values and ethics in students to give them wholesome, inclusive education  - the olive education system aims to   "raise the bar” for student learning outcomes.

The Olive School is to be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.
O2 field trips
Outdoor excursions to nature camps, places of historical significance etc will be taken frequently to enable the students to learn in a fun-filled manner.