At The Olive Kid

22-Jul-13 Monday No TV Day
26-Jul-13 Friday FA II GK(VI-VII)
4-Aug-13 Sun Hygiene Week
6-Aug-13 Tuesday Hiroshima Day/World Peace Day
9-Aug-13 Friday Quit India Movement Day
18-Aug-13 Sunday Energy Conservation Week
19-Aug-13 Monday World Photography Day and No TV Day
20-Aug-13 Tuesday Sadbhawna Diwas/Akshay Urja Diwas and Raksha Bandhan
29-Aug-13 Thursday Dhyanchand's Birthday/ marathon - Burn Calories Not Oil Classes II-VII
5-Sep-13 Thursday Teacher's day- dr Radha Krishnan's Birthday. Holiday for Toddlers to Sr Nur.Working day for I To VII Timing 8:00-12:00
7-Sep-13 Saturday Forgiveness day 
8-Sep-13 Sunday International Literacy day   Waste Management week
14-Sep-13 Saturday Hindi Diwas   World First Aid Day
16-Sep-13 Monday World Ozone Day  and No TV Day   SA I Starts classes VI-VII
21-Sep-13 Saturday International Peace day   
25-Sep-13 Wednesday Social Justice Day
27-Sep-13 Friday World Tourism day
 1 Oct 2013 Tuesday International day of Elderly(UN)   World Vegetarian day
2-Oct-13 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti. International day of Non-Violence
3-Oct-13 Thursday World Nature day  and  World Habitat day
4-Oct-13 Friday World animal day
6-Oct-13 Sunday World Wildlife day  and World Food security day
8-Oct-13 Tuesday Indian Airforce day
9-Oct-13 Wednesday World Postal Day
11-Oct-13 Friday Dusshera Celebration   - Normal Working Hours
12-Oct-13 Saturday World Sight Day
13-Oct-13 Sunday Dusshera   World Calamity Control day
16-Oct-13 Wednesday Bakrid
17-Oct-13 Thursday International poverty day
18-Oct-13 Friday Balmiki Jayanti
21-Oct-13 Monday No TV Day
22-Oct-13 Tuesday Karwa Chauth
23-Oct-13 Wednesday FA III English (VI-VII)
24-Oct-13 Thursday United Nations Day
29-Oct-13 Tuesday FA III Hindi VI-VII
31-Oct-13 Thursday National Integration day    Say No To Crackers Rally
2-Nov-13 Saturday Diwali Break Begins
3-Nov-13 Sunday Diwali and Vigilance  week
6-Nov-13 Wednesday School Reopens after diwali break
7-Nov-13 Thursday World Cancer Awareness day
9-Nov-13 Saturday Legal Service day
10-Nov-13 Sunday Environment Protection Week
12-Nov-13 Tuesday FA III  Maths (VI-VII)
14-Nov-13 Thursday Muharram/Children day/World Diabetics day
17-Nov-13 Sunday Guruparv    Heritage week
18-Nov-13 Monday No TV Day
19-Nov-13 Tuesday FA III Science VI-VII
22-Nov-13 Friday FA III GK VI-VII   One Nation Reading Activity
26-Nov-13 Tuesday FA III SST VI-VII    Environment Protection day
1-Dec-13 Sunday Worlds Aids day   Anti Pollution week
2-Dec-13 Monday National Pollution Prevention day
3-Dec-13 Tuesday FA III Punjabi VI-VII
4-Dec-13 Wednesday Navy day
6-Dec-13 Friday FA III Comp VI-VII
7-Dec-13 Saturday Armed Force Flag Day
8-Dec-13 Sunday Energy Conservation Day
9-Dec-13 Monday Ballika Diwas/ Girl Child Day
10-Dec-13 Tuesday Human Rights day
11-Dec-13 Wednesday UNICEF Day
14-Dec-13 Saturday National Energy Conservation Day   
16-Dec-13 Monday No TV Day
22-Dec-13 Sunday Thanks Giving Day
23-Dec-13 Monday Kisan Diwas/Farmer's Day
24-Dec-13 Tuesday Christman Celebration
1-Jan-13 Wednesday Winter Break Begins
9-Jan-13 Thursday Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas
10-Jan-13 Friday World Laughter Day
12-Jan-13 Sunday National Youth Day  Swami Vivekanand  Birthday
13-Jan-13 Monday Lohri
14-Jan-13 Tuesday Makarsakranti
15-Jan-13 Wednesday School Reopens after winter break    Army Day
19-Jan-13 Sunday Health and Sanitation Week
20-Jan-13 Monday FA IV Starts VI-VII   NO TV Day
25-Jan-13 Saturday India Tourism Day
26-Jan-13 Sunday Republic day celebration
27-Jan-13 Monday Holiday in lieu of republic day
30-Jan-13 Thursday Martyr's Day
2-Feb-13 Sunday World etlands Day   Water Conservation Week
14-Feb-13 Monday No TV Day
20-Feb-13 Thursday World Day of social justice
21-Feb-13 Friday International Mother Tongue Day
24-Feb-13 Monday SA II starts class VI-VII
28-Feb-13 Friday Maha Shivratri   National Sciene Day.
3-Mar-13 Monday National Defence Day  SA II Begins VI-VII
8-Mar-13 Saturday International Women's Day
9-Mar-13 Sunday Environment Awareness Week Begins
15-Mar-13 Saturday World Consumer Day
17-Mar-13 Monday Holi     No TV Day
22-Mar-13 Saturday World Day of Water